There are various causes of low testosterone (T) level. Its decline can be triggered by either age or some disease. Since some men with a balanced level of T may also notice symptoms that are similar to those related to testosterone deficiency, they should take a blood test to determine whether their T level is normal or it needs medication assistance.

If the results of your blood test show a decrease in T, do not fret! There are ways to increase it.

·       Ways to Enhance the Level of Testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy is beneficial for your semen quality, bone and muscle mass, and for boosting both your mood and energy. The therapy includes the consumption of products available in different forms such as a gel, a pill, injections, sticks and other medicaments.

Some treatments, such as a pellet therapy, have been showing the remarkable results in increasing the level of this hormone. The pellets balance it during whole day and make it consistent thus bringing positive effects.

Moreover, according to this article, testosterone boosters are a great (and natural) aid in maintaining the healthy testosterone balance in your body. They can be used by both men and women to enhance the production of T that is naturally made in some glands (in testicles and ovaries for instance).

Although the hormonal deficiency can be cured by either of the mentioned products, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional. Make an appointment at doctor’s office to check your overall health, especially your prostate health.

·       The Signs of Low Testosterone

As previously said, some of the symptoms of a decrease in testosterone production may be classified as common. That is why you should do a lab test to be sure. Here are some of the symptoms caused by the lack of T in a body.

  • Weight gain – It has been scientifically proven that lack of T may cause obesity or overweight, because the decrease in production of this hormone affects the body fat storage.
  • Osteoporosis – Low T also causes the decline in bone density, so men will most likely be more vulnerable to bone breaks.
  • Balding – The decline in testosterone can cause the hair loss in men. People used to think that bald men had higher testosterone within their bodies. On the contrary, the recent studies state that the balding may be caused by the lack of this hormone.
  • Lack of energy – This symptom can be pretty common or it can be related to other health issues, so it is crucial to check the T level by a blood test before you start any kind of medical treatment.
  • Sexual performance – This sign of lack of testosterone actually includes problems with both libido (both men and women may experience the decrease in sexual drive) and with one’s erection.

Although the mentioned symptoms are not life threatening, they may affect the quality of your life. Therefore, there is not a single reason you should not try to improve your mood, sexual performance and enhance your energy by balancing your testosterone level.