Estrogen replacement therapy after hysterectomy

Insomnia is one of the most common complaints of women in pre-menopause and menopause years. Difficulty falling asleep frequent awakenings, waking up the middle of the night and could not sleep. Doctors specializing in women’s health are increasingly attributing these symptoms menopause to decrease the release progesterone and estrogen by the ovaries of older women. Uzzi Reiss, MD, author of Natural Hormone Balance for Women, said: “You can often use the progesterone … to give a night’s sleep. I think that three quarters of women would probably solve a sleep problem related to the simple approach hormones. ”

Dr. Reiss continues, “Research in Germany has shown that progesterone … has a powerful effect on brain chemistry. In particular, it increases the activity of GABA, an important neuro-chemicals that soothes the nervous system. Researchers found that progesterone produces a sleep pattern of brain waves similar to tranquilizers.

A study on this point is entitled “Progesterone reduces sleep in the sleep EEG.” (EEG is an electroencephalogram, which is a technique for the study of current electricity in the brain). The research was conducted in Munich Germany with the objective to verify if the progesterone replacement therapy improves sleep after menopause. Ten healthy postmenopausal women were evaluated at the beginning and end of study records Sleep EEG. Progesterone has been shown to improve sleep and wakefulness.

Juan R. Lee, MD discusses the benefits of progesterone to sleep better in his book “What your doctor can not tell you about menopause.” He said: “Many of my patients have volunteered that The main advantage obtained by using natural progesterone is a sleep improved. After years of suspense are planning to sleep now retire each night because they know they will enjoy a good sleep and awake refreshed in the morning. This is one reason why they tend to recommend progesterone cream applied at bedtime. ”

Women should seek a progesterone cream natural contains no artificial chemicals, dyes, preservatives, fragrances or mineral oil. Dr John Lee said: “Even when a progesterone cream will not be effective if it is not suspended in appropriate media. mineral oil products containing progesterone prevents it from being absorbed by the skin. Other products are not properly stabilized progesterone, which deteriorates over time exposure to oxygen. ”

Natural progesterone cream produces no identical body of adverse drug based on hormones. If a woman wears too much, the only side effect that can occur is excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day. A good natural cream progesterone may be able to calm the restless nights without sleep in calm and peaceful sleep.


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