All You Need to Know About HCG Drops and Injections

HCG Drops

HCG drops are a new way to do the HCG diet and they are making some pretty big headlines. And with good reason, the drops have shown that the HCG diet can be cheaper, safer, and just as effective as HCG injections.

So how do they work.

Well it depends on the type of drops you get but you typically drop the liquid under your tongue about 20 minutes before you meals. This will help you absorb the HCG before your meal and make sure your HCG diet is going smoothly. Just make sure you are following the correct diet or the drops won’t work.

The HCG helps you feel less hungry and also pulled your stored fat and help you burn it as energy and also get those nutrients out of it. So even though you are on a very low calorie diet you will feel less hungry and have the proper nutrients to be healthy because the HCG is pulling it from your stored fat.

Which means you won’t lose your muscle or healthy fat, but you will be burning your stored fat. This is a revolutionary way to diet because you get all the benefits from your fat storage while burning it off, leaving a healthy yet skinnier you after your round on the diet.

But this diet has been around for 50+ years, how is it different with the drops? Well HCG injections work very well but there can be some dangers and side effects (see . Not only that but you must have a prescription and get it from a doctor, which can be extremely pricey.

But with the oral drops you don’t need a doctor’s prescription and it’s safe to use, assuming you get it from a reputable source who is FDA certified (highly recommended!).

So you now get all the benefits from the HCG diet without any of the side effects from the injections. So you lose weight safer.

So what else do you need besides the drops? Well you need a good support system. If you happen to use the company I used they provided all the guides and instruction needed to be successful on the diet.

You’ll get a membership into their private forum where you have access to not only HCG coaches but all the other people on the diet as well. So you can talk with others and really feel like a part of a community. To some that might not seem like a big deal but I’m seeing that people who participate in the forum do MUCH better.

This works because they have others motivating them, they are held accountable, and they have the best most updated information that they need. Also, if they ever run into problems or roadblocks they can simply post in the private forum and get the correct answer right away. The problem with public forums is that anybody can answer your questions and nobody is checking to see if it’s correct. You wouldn’t believe how much bad advice I see on those free forums.

So stick to the private communities with proper HCG diet coaches that monitor all answers. This way you will be successful and safe.

Low Testosterone in Men and How to Increase

Low testosterone is one of the most common causes of fatigue in men!

The most common causes of fatigue run decisions about style of life. However, low testosterone is also a major cause of extreme fatigue. Many people do not realize that low levels of testosterone are the same. Lack of testosterone can cause fatigue, limited motivation, depression, low self-esteem and decreased libido.

Do any of these symptoms Sound familiar? If they do, you may want to consider as their testosterone levels to evaluate their condition. Some of the most common causes of fatigue are related to the lifestyle you lead. Sleep deprivation is an obvious culprit. Depression and anxiety may also be drained emotionally and physically.

Fatigue poor nutrition and lack of exercise is also well documented. The negative effects of poor diet and exercise should be obvious. Low levels of testosterone are also some the most common causes of fatigue, but people are just beginning to realize this.

This hormone is what fuels powerful men. It gives energy and motivation to take on the day. Testosterone levels are directly related to the energy you have. If you do not enough of this hormone in your system, then it is likely to feel tired, depressed and flat.

There are a number options to fight against the lack of testosterone. This is one of the most common causes of fatigue, but this does not mean you should pick the drugs, steroids, or testosterone replacement therapy.

Carcasses of natural testosterone are much safer and can be very effective. Look for natural supplements as Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris. There are only few testosterone boosters that contains these supplements. Also, try eating a healthy diet. The junk food does not help at all. We know that poor diet is also a cause of extreme fatigue, so the combination of junk food with low testosterone levels is a recipe for disaster.

Remember that testosterone levels may be driven by physical exercise. Studies have shown that anaerobic exercise is more effective when it is the increased levels of testosterone. Anaerobic workouts include stairs and jumps. The objective is stimulate your body with extreme exercise in short bursts. You burn more fat in less time and your hormones will be forced to wake up pushing you to your physical limit.

Recognizing that low testosterone is one of the most common causes of fatigue is the first stage. Subsequently, over. Take active action to improve your hormonal balance now.

Estrogen replacement therapy after hysterectomy

Insomnia is one of the most common complaints of women in pre-menopause and menopause years. Difficulty falling asleep frequent awakenings, waking up the middle of the night and could not sleep. Doctors specializing in women’s health are increasingly attributing these symptoms menopause to decrease the release progesterone and estrogen by the ovaries of older women. Uzzi Reiss, MD, author of Natural Hormone Balance for Women, said: “You can often use the progesterone … to give a night’s sleep. I think that three quarters of women would probably solve a sleep problem related to the simple approach hormones. ”

Dr. Reiss continues, “Research in Germany has shown that progesterone … has a powerful effect on brain chemistry. In particular, it increases the activity of GABA, an important neuro-chemicals that soothes the nervous system. Researchers found that progesterone produces a sleep pattern of brain waves similar to tranquilizers.

A study on this point is entitled “Progesterone reduces sleep in the sleep EEG.” (EEG is an electroencephalogram, which is a technique for the study of current electricity in the brain). The research was conducted in Munich Germany with the objective to verify if the progesterone replacement therapy improves sleep after menopause. Ten healthy postmenopausal women were evaluated at the beginning and end of study records Sleep EEG. Progesterone has been shown to improve sleep and wakefulness.

Juan R. Lee, MD discusses the benefits of progesterone to sleep better in his book “What your doctor can not tell you about menopause.” He said: “Many of my patients have volunteered that The main advantage obtained by using natural progesterone is a sleep improved. After years of suspense are planning to sleep now retire each night because they know they will enjoy a good sleep and awake refreshed in the morning. This is one reason why they tend to recommend progesterone cream applied at bedtime. ”

Women should seek a progesterone cream natural contains no artificial chemicals, dyes, preservatives, fragrances or mineral oil. Dr John Lee said: “Even when a progesterone cream will not be effective if it is not suspended in appropriate media. mineral oil products containing progesterone prevents it from being absorbed by the skin. Other products are not properly stabilized progesterone, which deteriorates over time exposure to oxygen. ”

Natural progesterone cream produces no identical body of adverse drug based on hormones. If a woman wears too much, the only side effect that can occur is excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day. A good natural cream progesterone may be able to calm the restless nights without sleep in calm and peaceful sleep.


1. Book: “the balance Natural Hormone for Women “by Uzzi Reiss, MD / OB GYN.

2. Studio: “Progesterone reduces sleep in the sleep EEG and has no effect on cognition in postmenopausal women “, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, July 2004.

3. Book: “What your doctor can not tell you about menopause – The Book of the Apocalypse of natural progesterone “by John R. Lee, MD and Virginia Hopkins.

The Facts About HCG for Weight Loss?

HCG is a natural hormone that is already produced in the body. (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 6x, 12x, 30x 60x
The HCG releases fat calories from your abnormal calories to nourish your body during the low calorie eating phase.
FDA does not regulate homeopathic HCG Drops because they are so diluted that the HCG in the solution is undetectable when using standard methods.
There are two kinds of HCG drops, homeopathic and DIY full strength, which is similar to the injections used with strict supervision from a medical professional. HCG full strength is commonly used to help with obesity. (See comparisons)

Why HCG Drops for Weight Loss?

Why buy HCG drops for weight loss? There are so many diet programs out there, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about “HCG” and in particular oral HCG diet drops (taken sub-lingually, under the tongue).  Here are some of the many benefits.

Directions:  Take 10-20 drops (inch of dropper is approx. 10 drops) 3 to 4 times a day in between meals or as directed by a health care professional.  Place drops under tongue and hold for 2-3 minutes before swallowing.  Do not eat or drink within 15 minutes of taking the drops.

Benefits of the HCG Diet
You’re probably here because you’ve known or heard of someone who has done the HCG diet and experienced fantastic weight loss. So you’ve probably heard some of the claims—but just in case you haven’t heard of all the benefits of the HCG diet, here is a summarization:

  • Fast results (5 lbs/week average!)
  • Lose inches AND pounds
  • No hunger
  • No exercise but recommended
  • Attack stubborn fat deposits
  • Look great
  • Gain confidence and energy
  • Keep the weight off
  • Form better eating habits
  • No injections
  • Alcohol Free
  • No prescription

Vitamin B12 Spray

  • 1oz Bottle (30 day supply)

Mint Flavored B12 Spray


Serving Size: .5 ml (5 sprays)
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Vitamin B12 .6 mg 10,000% (cyanocobalamin)

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, xylitol, sodium benzoate, citric acid,
spearmint flavor (natural), stevia

DIRECTIONS: Adults take five sprays under the tongue twice daily.
Excellent combination with the HCG Drops!


There are various causes of low testosterone (T) level. Its decline can be triggered by either age or some disease. Since some men with a balanced level of T may also notice symptoms that are similar to those related to testosterone deficiency, they should take a blood test to determine whether their T level is normal or it needs medication assistance.

If the results of your blood test show a decrease in T, do not fret! There are ways to increase it.

·       Ways to Enhance the Level of Testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy is beneficial for your semen quality, bone and muscle mass, and for boosting both your mood and energy. The therapy includes the consumption of products available in different forms such as a gel, a pill, injections, sticks and other medicaments.

Some treatments, such as a pellet therapy, have been showing the remarkable results in increasing the level of this hormone. The pellets balance it during whole day and make it consistent thus bringing positive effects.

Moreover, according to this article, testosterone boosters are a great (and natural) aid in maintaining the healthy testosterone balance in your body. They can be used by both men and women to enhance the production of T that is naturally made in some glands (in testicles and ovaries for instance).

Although the hormonal deficiency can be cured by either of the mentioned products, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional. Make an appointment at doctor’s office to check your overall health, especially your prostate health.

·       The Signs of Low Testosterone

As previously said, some of the symptoms of a decrease in testosterone production may be classified as common. That is why you should do a lab test to be sure. Here are some of the symptoms caused by the lack of T in a body.

  • Weight gain – It has been scientifically proven that lack of T may cause obesity or overweight, because the decrease in production of this hormone affects the body fat storage.
  • Osteoporosis – Low T also causes the decline in bone density, so men will most likely be more vulnerable to bone breaks.
  • Balding – The decline in testosterone can cause the hair loss in men. People used to think that bald men had higher testosterone within their bodies. On the contrary, the recent studies state that the balding may be caused by the lack of this hormone.
  • Lack of energy – This symptom can be pretty common or it can be related to other health issues, so it is crucial to check the T level by a blood test before you start any kind of medical treatment.
  • Sexual performance – This sign of lack of testosterone actually includes problems with both libido (both men and women may experience the decrease in sexual drive) and with one’s erection.

Although the mentioned symptoms are not life threatening, they may affect the quality of your life. Therefore, there is not a single reason you should not try to improve your mood, sexual performance and enhance your energy by balancing your testosterone level.


First and foremost having decisively chosen the HCG diet plan for your weight loss, one should be mentally prepared for whatever conditions necessary to your weight loss campaign. For how long will your weight campaign loss take? If it’s a month, are you prepared to cut off some meals in your diet? As it is known, HCG low calorie diet for weight loss is accompanied by low calorie meals. One should choose best preferred low calorie meal for his or her campaign. Losing weight doesn’t come on a silver plate and one wishing to lose weight must prepared both physically and psychologically to go through this low calorie demanding diet.

Another key consideration to keep in mind before involving going through this diet plan is that; one should be aware of his or her health history. It is prudent to seek Medical professional’s advice before embarking on this journey of HCG weight loss campaign. Individuals with history on cancer should not use HCG diet in their weight loss campaign.

Where to get the HCG drops and injections is also something of concern and to worry about. Probably one of the questions to ask yourself is, where do you order your HCG diet drops or injections? One should be careful on where he/she gets his/her HCG. It should have a prescription and legally sold from a licensed pharmacy. If not, then any over the counter prescription might be illegal or fake. Be warned!

Another important aspect is that, after the purchase of the HCG diet drops best preferred by the dieter, from a legal licensed pharmacy, one should be able to get support from the pharmacy or the manufacturing company. This is for the user’s certainty that he/she is actually on the right track in his/her weight loss campaign. If not, a dieter is advised to involve his/her medical doctor to do some guiding concerning the HCG.

Lastly, a dieter (know the cost of Dietician) is required adjust his/her schedule and calendar of events to undergo this weight loss campaign safely. Why is this so necessary? HCG diet drops MUST always be kept refrigerated or it will degrade and lose its value on you. So if you are planning to go for a vacation and still indulge yourself in the HCG diet pan, you have to know how to keep your HCG drops (I found this site while searching for “hcg drops ratings”) cold or else it will be compromised.  A well thought and planned programme is key to losing weight using the HCG.

Cure your Diabetes with HCG Diet

How can HCG Drops Help Diabetes?

Were you getting easily annoyed when people called you fat? Did they make fun of you? Or were you getting insecure hearing such comments? Well, first of all, you really shouldn’t pay any heed to them. Secondly, you might have a health problem you subconsciously forgot about, or maybe you were not aware of. Yes, diabetes is one of the major health conditions that need to be treated right from the time it is diagnosed. So. is there a way in which you could help yourself with HCG diet? Could you take your leap of faith towards weight loss? Of course, you can! claims that it is clinically proven to shed all the unwanted accumulated fat from the body to maintain a happy and a fit lifestyle even if you are a diabetic. But you should be careful while choosing the best hcg drops that claim to work.

Is it recommended for you?

You would need to know the type of diabetes you have and whether or not the HCG diet will be safe for you or not. Only when you have examined that the diet can work effectively on your body, and then only opt for it. If diabetes were required to be divided into categories, it would be:

  • Type 1 – There is a good chance of recovery.
  • Type 2 – There are high chances of fast and effective recovery.

What do HCG drops do in diabetes?

The drops in itself have got no effects on the blood sugar level. These are formulated in such a way to curb hunger and enhance weight loss in a rapid speed without directly affecting the blood sugar. The HCG drops also balances the hypothalamus, which is an important method of controlling diabetes.

What could be the possible benefits for a pre-diabetic or type 2 person?

  • HCG diet would help you shed those extra calories.
  • You would be consuming healthy and fresh foods instead of all the junk which could harm the body.
  • No carbohydrate and no sugar is the secret to getting rid of diabetes.
  • No insulin dependency is a great thing to maintain the diabetic level.
  • You will have a well-toned body that will enhance your fitness quotient.
  • There will be a reason to smile instead of worrying due to the guaranteed results.

How the HCG drops work?

In the beginning, ideally known as the loading phase, you will be eating highly rich fat foods that will hardly go to affect the blood sugar to reduce. As soon as you switch to the main phase of 500 calorie HCG diet along with the consumption of the drops, there is a high chance that diabetes will stabilize to a lower level. The diet will be a low carb diet and more of a fruit diet that will work as a substitute. Less carbohydrate will boost the energy level in your body through a process called the ketosis, the way to burn fat in a fully fledged way.

So, did you find any positive response by embracing the HCG diet that did wonders? Well, experts say that you must have felt light like a feather. Before you start off with the HCG diet plan, make sure you have consulted an expert who can provide you valuable advice on the fitness and weight -loss program that is simply amazing. HCG, though it might work brilliantly on others not facing any diabetic problem when it comes to you, you should be extra cautious. Diabetes and HCG diet should be well-maintained to keep a balance that doesn’t go haywire.

Hence, even if you are diabetes remember you are no different from a non-diabetic human being. So live life in a fit and healthy way!