All You Need to Know About HCG Drops and Injections

HCG Drops

HCG drops are a new way to do the HCG diet and they are making some pretty big headlines. And with good reason, the drops have shown that the HCG diet can be cheaper, safer, and just as effective as HCG injections.

So how do they work.

Well it depends on the type of drops you get but you typically drop the liquid under your tongue about 20 minutes before you meals. This will help you absorb the HCG before your meal and make sure your HCG diet is going smoothly. Just make sure you are following the correct diet or the drops won’t work.

The HCG helps you feel less hungry and also pulled your stored fat and help you burn it as energy and also get those nutrients out of it. So even though you are on a very low calorie diet you will feel less hungry and have the proper nutrients to be healthy because the HCG is pulling it from your stored fat.

Which means you won’t lose your muscle or healthy fat, but you will be burning your stored fat. This is a revolutionary way to diet because you get all the benefits from your fat storage while burning it off, leaving a healthy yet skinnier you after your round on the diet.

But this diet has been around for 50+ years, how is it different with the drops? Well HCG injections work very well but there can be some dangers and side effects (see . Not only that but you must have a prescription and get it from a doctor, which can be extremely pricey.

But with the oral drops you don’t need a doctor’s prescription and it’s safe to use, assuming you get it from a reputable source who is FDA certified (highly recommended!).

So you now get all the benefits from the HCG diet without any of the side effects from the injections. So you lose weight safer.

So what else do you need besides the drops? Well you need a good support system. If you happen to use the company I used they provided all the guides and instruction needed to be successful on the diet.

You’ll get a membership into their private forum where you have access to not only HCG coaches but all the other people on the diet as well. So you can talk with others and really feel like a part of a community. To some that might not seem like a big deal but I’m seeing that people who participate in the forum do MUCH better.

This works because they have others motivating them, they are held accountable, and they have the best most updated information that they need. Also, if they ever run into problems or roadblocks they can simply post in the private forum and get the correct answer right away. The problem with public forums is that anybody can answer your questions and nobody is checking to see if it’s correct. You wouldn’t believe how much bad advice I see on those free forums.

So stick to the private communities with proper HCG diet coaches that monitor all answers. This way you will be successful and safe.