First and foremost having decisively chosen the HCG diet plan for your weight loss, one should be mentally prepared for whatever conditions necessary to your weight loss campaign. For how long will your weight campaign loss take? If it’s a month, are you prepared to cut off some meals in your diet? As it is known, HCG low calorie diet for weight loss is accompanied by low calorie meals. One should choose best preferred low calorie meal for his or her campaign. Losing weight doesn’t come on a silver plate and one wishing to lose weight must prepared both physically and psychologically to go through this low calorie demanding diet.

Another key consideration to keep in mind before involving going through this diet plan is that; one should be aware of his or her health history. It is prudent to seek Medical professional’s advice before embarking on this journey of HCG weight loss campaign. Individuals with history on cancer should not use HCG diet in their weight loss campaign.

Where to get the HCG drops and injections is also something of concern and to worry about. Probably one of the questions to ask yourself is, where do you order your HCG diet drops or injections? One should be careful on where he/she gets his/her HCG. It should have a prescription and legally sold from a licensed pharmacy. If not, then any over the counter prescription might be illegal or fake. Be warned!

Another important aspect is that, after the purchase of the HCG diet drops best preferred by the dieter, from a legal licensed pharmacy, one should be able to get support from the pharmacy or the manufacturing company. This is for the user’s certainty that he/she is actually on the right track in his/her weight loss campaign. If not, a dieter is advised to involve his/her medical doctor to do some guiding concerning the HCG.

Lastly, a dieter (know the cost of Dietician) is required adjust his/her schedule and calendar of events to undergo this weight loss campaign safely. Why is this so necessary? HCG diet drops MUST always be kept refrigerated or it will degrade and lose its value on you. So if you are planning to go for a vacation and still indulge yourself in the HCG diet pan, you have to know how to keep your HCG drops (I found this site while searching for “hcg drops ratings”) cold or else it will be compromised.  A well thought and planned programme is key to losing weight using the HCG.