Cure your Diabetes with HCG Diet

How can HCG Drops Help Diabetes?

Were you getting easily annoyed when people called you fat? Did they make fun of you? Or were you getting insecure hearing such comments? Well, first of all, you really shouldn’t pay any heed to them. Secondly, you might have a health problem you subconsciously forgot about, or maybe you were not aware of. Yes, diabetes is one of the major health conditions that need to be treated right from the time it is diagnosed. So. is there a way in which you could help yourself with HCG diet? Could you take your leap of faith towards weight loss? Of course, you can! claims that it is clinically proven to shed all the unwanted accumulated fat from the body to maintain a happy and a fit lifestyle even if you are a diabetic. But you should be careful while choosing the best hcg drops that claim to work.

Is it recommended for you?

You would need to know the type of diabetes you have and whether or not the HCG diet will be safe for you or not. Only when you have examined that the diet can work effectively on your body, and then only opt for it. If diabetes were required to be divided into categories, it would be:

  • Type 1 – There is a good chance of recovery.
  • Type 2 – There are high chances of fast and effective recovery.

What do HCG drops do in diabetes?

The drops in itself have got no effects on the blood sugar level. These are formulated in such a way to curb hunger and enhance weight loss in a rapid speed without directly affecting the blood sugar. The HCG drops also balances the hypothalamus, which is an important method of controlling diabetes.

What could be the possible benefits for a pre-diabetic or type 2 person?

  • HCG diet would help you shed those extra calories.
  • You would be consuming healthy and fresh foods instead of all the junk which could harm the body.
  • No carbohydrate and no sugar is the secret to getting rid of diabetes.
  • No insulin dependency is a great thing to maintain the diabetic level.
  • You will have a well-toned body that will enhance your fitness quotient.
  • There will be a reason to smile instead of worrying due to the guaranteed results.

How the HCG drops work?

In the beginning, ideally known as the loading phase, you will be eating highly rich fat foods that will hardly go to affect the blood sugar to reduce. As soon as you switch to the main phase of 500 calorie HCG diet along with the consumption of the drops, there is a high chance that diabetes will stabilize to a lower level. The diet will be a low carb diet and more of a fruit diet that will work as a substitute. Less carbohydrate will boost the energy level in your body through a process called the ketosis, the way to burn fat in a fully fledged way.

So, did you find any positive response by embracing the HCG diet that did wonders? Well, experts say that you must have felt light like a feather. Before you start off with the HCG diet plan, make sure you have consulted an expert who can provide you valuable advice on the fitness and weight -loss program that is simply amazing. HCG, though it might work brilliantly on others not facing any diabetic problem when it comes to you, you should be extra cautious. Diabetes and HCG diet should be well-maintained to keep a balance that doesn’t go haywire.

Hence, even if you are diabetes remember you are no different from a non-diabetic human being. So live life in a fit and healthy way!



Xenical Diet Pills

When you eat a food containing lot of calorie and fat, it results in storage of fat in the body. Hence the weight is gained. And by doing physical exercise this fat can be burnt, but there are some persons who don’t like to do physical exercise. For these kind of people there are many other alternatives like dieting (eating less food) and weight loss drugs. And the function of all these weight loss drugs is to digest the fat quickly. But Xenical works in a different way for weight loss.

Actually, Xenical works in the digestive system and blocks the one third of the digestion of the fat in your food. This technique is based on a well known fact that the brain can control the hunger and speed up the metabolism. So it directly affects the brain and causes it to do the same. When you take meal, Xenical is attached with the Lipases (a kind of Enzymes in your digestive system, which digest the fat) and block them to digest some of the fat present in meal. And the fat which remains undigested is disposed through the bowel movements. In this way 30% of the fat is bypassed without being digested which helps in weight loss. Xenical is a long term cure for the weight gain problem and generally it is seen to be effective for more than one year.

How to Take Xenical

It is taken according the health conditions (obesity, any disease) of a person. But in normal circumstances it should be taken thrice a day i.e. with each meal. And it should be swallowed with water, chewing it may cause further problems. Read more from here –


Following things should be kept in mind before taking this medication:

  • Due to the fact that Xenical decreases the absorption of some vitamins and beta-carotene( present in the undigested fat), take supplements containing vitamins and beta-carotene.
  • Analyze the medicines that you are taking with doctor.
  • In the case of diabetes patients regular observing of the doctor is required because Xenical may increase the blood sugar level.
  • It should not be taken by the person having digestion, kidney problems.
  • The pregnant or breast-feeding ladies should not take it.
  • Do not taking without the prescription of doctor.

Side Effects

Xenical can cause in diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar which, which in turn can cause diseases like diabetes and hypertension and diabetes. The other problems with this medication can be loose tools, oily tools, increased number of bowel movements, and inability to control bowel movements. Actually these problems will occur in the early stages of the medication or when you take meal containing high fat foods, and will disappear with time.

Adipex – Phentermine Hydrochloride

Adipex, also called as phentermine hydrochloride, a type of prescription pill that is used for immediate weight loss. Since Adipex is primarily used as an appetite suppressant, the weight is lost at a much rapid rate. Remember that appetite suppressants are not a substitute for proper diet. Even when using such types of prescription weight loss pills, balanced diet must be followed. It is most useful only when combined with a proper diet and exercise plan. However the use of Adipex is recommended only after a complete medical review. Do not use of this drug if you had health problems like heart diseases, spinal cord or brain disorders, high blood pressure, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism or atherosclerosis in the past.

Precautions/ Directions for use

Before using Adipex, consult your physician and discuss your complete medical history. This drug is not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers as it may cause disorders in infants. Avoid taking alcohols as alcohol can increase unnecessary side effects like faintness. Adipex is not recommended for use in children.

Follow these directions while using Adipex:

  • Adipex must be taken once daily with a glass full of water, and that too with empty stomach, about ½-1 hour before breakfast.
  • It must be swallowed as whole; don’t cut or chew it.
  • Don’t take it late in day as it may cause sleeplessness.
  • If by chance you miss a dose of Adipex, do not double the next dose. Rather, skip that missed dose and restart your usual dosing schedule.
  • The last dose of the day should be taken at least 4-6 hours before sleeping at night.
  • Store this medicine away from heat and light, at room temperature and that too in a tightly closed container. Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Follow all other instructions given by your doctor and do not take it for longer time than prescribed. Extending the recommended dose may cause serious side effects.
  • Adipex is such a habit-forming drug that you can become physically and mentally dependent on this medicine, and when you suddenly stop taking it after several weeks of continuous use, serious withdrawal effects may occur Hence, one must talk to the doctor about stopping this medication gradually.
  • Follow the medicine along with a healthy diet and exercise plan for best results.

Negative Aspects of Adipex

All the information given in this article is not intended to replace the proficiency and judgment of your doctor. Consult your physician or healthcare professional before using this drug, as the use of this drug may not be appropriate, safe or effective for you. Decide to take it only after being prescribed by the doctor. Although this drug is effective for most of the people, there are some side effects associated also.

  • High blood pressure or irregular heartbeat
  • Constipation, diarrhea or stomach upset
  • Dry mouth or unpleasant taste in mouth.
  • Restlessness, irritation, anxiety, nervousness, headache or sleeplessness
  • An allergic reaction like closing of throat, swelling of lip, difficulty in breathing

Any of the above mentioned side effects might bother you for a few days but if they persist and are unbearable, immediately consult your doctor.


Phentermine is very popular these days. It gains its popularity by accounting for approximately 50% share among all other prescription drugs. It is primarily used as an appetite suppressant and accounts for quick weight loss. It is easily available in the market in various milligrams and varying costs suiting your demands and budget. However Phentermine combined with a nutritious diet and exercise plan gives the most useful results.

Precautions/Directions for Use

If you are already done with your health review with your doctor and he prescribed you to take Phentermine, here are some precautions, which will prove useful to you.

  • Before using Phentermine, discuss your complete medical history with your doctor. Don’t use it if you have high blood pressure, an over-active thyroid, glaucoma, diabetes or emotional problems.
  • Consult with your doctor in the case if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Don’t take alcohol as it can increase dizziness.
  • It is not recommended for children.
  • Drug interactions can result in dangerous side effects. They can even prevent a medicine from doing its job. If you have recently taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) such as guanethidine, is marplan, furazolidone, tranylcypromine (Parnate), or phenelzine, don’t use Phentermine. Some other drugs not listed here may also interact with Phentermine.
  • Do not drive, operate machinery, or do anything else that could be dangerous until you know how you react to this medicine.

Here is a list of directions to be followed while using Phentermine:

  • Phentermine should be taken empty stomach with a glass full of water, thirty or sixty minutes before breakfast.
  • Or you can take it two hours after breakfast.
  • Avoid taking a dose late in the day as it may cause sleeplessness.
  • Take your dose at least 10 to 14 hours before bedtime.
  • Take Phentermine as prescribed by doctor.
  • Do not take it more often or longer than prescribed..
  • Store the drug in a tightly closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture and the reach of children.

Negative Aspects of Phentermine

Along with the quick weight-loss benefits, there are downsides too. Lets have a look at some of the side effects of Phentermine:

  • You may feel nervousness, restlessness, sleeplessness, or dry mouth at the initial stages of the use of Phentermine, but if these problems persist, consult your health professional.
  • You may also come across more serious side effects such as an allergic reaction i.e. difficulty in breathing, closing of your throat, swelling of your tongue, lips, or face, an irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure. Contact your doctor immediately in such a case.

Diet Pills – Diet pills are specially designed medicines or drugs intended for weight loss

Diet pills work by increasing Serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical associated with improved mood, appetite and satiety. Although there are some well-known side effects and health risks of these pills, yet many chose to lose weight through diet pills because of their efficiency.

Before a diet pills can be launched into the market, they undergo several clinical studies to determine their safety,  interactions with other substances and appropriate number of dosages. The FDA(Food and Drug Administration) regulates how a manufacturer can advertise and promote a diet medication. As a result, doctors ability to prescribe diet and weight loss pills under different conditions in larger doses or for different time periods is restricted.

While looking for any weight loss diet pills, always remember that muscle is metabolically active tissue but fat is not. Fat is a source of energy for your body. Generally, most people have much more fat than they actually need, resulting in obesity. Fat does not use energy, actually it is used as energy.  Our muscles use energy. A good diet pill should burn the maximum amount of body fat, decrease your hunger and your desires for sweets, increase your metabolism, and not have any side effects.

The diet pills are no doubt effective but they have some health risks also. Before you buy any weight loss diet pills, you should ask your doctor for a full explanation of the side effects and dangers of the weight loss pills. If these pills are used under medical supervision along with a proper diet and exercise program, they can be very effective, at least in the short term.

Surveys have shown that no constant weight loss and long term weight control is possible by using diet pills alone. These should however be combined with regular physical exercise and improved balanced diet to lose and maintain weight successfully and continually over the long term. Read more about best diet pills on the market from this page –